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Online Reputation Management

We all understand the power of word-of-mouth, just like we’ve all heard the horror stories of businesses that go viral for the wrong reasons. Online reputation management is essential when you are in the most prominent public domain in the world – the internet. It extends past social media monitoring and public relations, and can most certainly have an impact on your business and sales.

Today more than ever, businesses are engaging customers who love to express their voice. We live in an overly connected, communicative world, and people expect quick responses that satisfy their needs. This can make it hard for businesses. It’s yet another thing they have to focus on along with day-to-day operations, but how important is it?

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Protecting the reputation of your company.

The evolution of the website means they are more than just an online brochure for your business. They expanded to include user-generated content, regular interactions on social networks and (hopefully) people talking about your products and services via tweets, blog comments, and more.

Along with this comes a certain level of power. The consumer voice, opinion, and review can make or break a business. You need to consider what will happen if your product or service generates criticism, or the lack of skill your employees may have on social media.

In the digital world, there is no shield for criticism, which can turn bad situations into really bad situations for companies very quickly, so you need someone who can keep on top of this and manage it accordingly.

Have some unfavourable results appearing for your name or brand in the search results? We can help “hide” them.
While we can’t remove these results from Google, we can push positive assets (like social profiles, good reviews, etc.) above the negative ones.
It’s common for potential customers to research company’s they are about to do business with. Negative stories can be the difference between winning and losing that sale!
We work with brands to implement a tailored strategy to leverage existing positive assets – or create new ones to get the job done.

Whether you’re expecting potential customers to research you through a tender process, or just want to make sure your brand is reflected positive online, speak to nimbl about putting your business in good health.

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As digital marketing experts, nimbl have a comprehensive approach to managing your online reputation, presence, and brand communication to ensure that people speak positively about your business, fostering more customers through the door.

We do this with a variety of regular actions, including;

Promotion of positive online results
Diminishing visibility of negative results
Brand monitoring including social media
Search engine cleansing
The development and promotion of positive content

These are just some of the examples that our Melbourne-based team of experts can provide; however, we will work with you to tailor a unique plan to ensure the reputation management we provide is relevant to your business. The approach can vary per industry, or even via the kind of interactions you have with your customers, which is why we customise it individually to you.

As we love working closely with our clients, our team becomes an extension of yours, and you’ll deal directly with the people doing the work instead of some middle-person who is detached from the process. We believe that a close personal working relationship fosters the most efficient and highest quality results.

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Keep in mind that while we have been saying “online reputation” a lot, in today’s digitally-led world, it’s basically just your reputation. At nimbl, we want to do all that we can to ensure it’s a good one.