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From hidden gem to the front page: We offer precise SEO audits that elevate your site’s visibility.

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SEO audits that deliver tangible growth

At nimbl, we understand that the internet never stands still—it’s an evolving, dynamic beast, constantly demanding more from your online presence. That’s why we’ve developed our comprehensive 120+ item SEO audit, covering everything from Google Search Console intricacies and technical tweaks to on-page optimisation, content cannibalisation, and beyond. Crafted by our seasoned team of SEO professionals, each element of our audit is designed to scrutinise and enhance every nook and cranny of your site’s SEO performance.

But here’s the thing – our audits are not your run-of-the-mill, automated checks that you might find littered across the internet. What sets us apart as a digital audit agency is its unparalleled detail – it’s industry-leading for it’s comprehensive detail and scope. Every review is conducted meticulously by a trained SEO specialist, ensuring we squeeze every drop of potential from your digital footprint.

Our SEO audit checklist isn’t static; like the digital landscape, it’s continually updated to align with Google’s ever-evolving best practice guidelines. Whether you’re launching a brand-new site and aiming to lay down a robust SEO foundation or you’re dealing with stagnated results or a drop in SEO visibility on an established website, our audits are crafted to foster genuine, tangible growth.

Our SEO AUDIT Process

Audits crafted from decades of experience

Our structured SEO audits offer a detailed snapshot of your website’s current status, pinpointing areas ripe for improvement. This systematic examination lays the groundwork for a tailored strategy to elevate your search engine presence.

Customised audting framework

Understanding that no two sites are the same, we've crafted a bespoke SEO auditing framework designed to meet the unique demands of your website. Whether your focus is e-commerce, lead generation, targeting international audiences, or diving into a hyper-niche market, we approach each audit with the meticulous care.

Actionable SEO item list

Post-audit, we compile an action item list from the findings, prioritising tasks by their potential SEO impact. This list is accompanied by a brief summary of each action point, clearly outlining what we can tackle, what we need from you, and when a web developer's expertise is required. It’s all about making our next steps as impactful as possible.

Detailed manual audit process

Leveraging a blend of Screaming Frog and our proprietary tools, we conduct a thorough manual audit of over 120 items on your site. Each item is assessed and marked as either a 'pass' or 'requires attention', accompanied by detailed notes. This clarity ensures you understand precisely what's happening on your site.

Collaborative review and planning

The process culminates in a video call, where we walk you through the audit findings step by step. During this session, we'll discuss actionable next steps and provide you with full access to the technical audit spreadsheet in a Google Doc. This way, you can dive deep into the specifics of your site's SEO performance and understand our collaborative path forward.

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Why work with us?

Consider us not just a service but an extension of your team, like gaining a dedicated digital marketing arm with a shared ambition for your growth. At nimbl, we’re all about diving deep into the ever-changing world of SEO, ensuring you’re armed with the most effective strategies out there.

As a Melbourne-based boutique team, we work passionately with businesses locally, across Australia, and abroad. Forget about dealing with distant account managers or navigating offshore confusion; with us, you get direct access to our team of seasoned specialists. No jargon, no runaround – just straight talk and clear strategies that work.

We're in it for the long haul. As a boutique agency, we prioritise having a smaller selection of clients who we can build long term growth and relationships with.

You're not just another client to us; you're a partner we will do everything in our power to help you succeed.

We're continually fine-tuning our service delivery to keep pace with Google's constant updates, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

With our no-nonsense approach, you’ll always understand what we're doing for you and why.

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