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Proven ecommerce strategies

We appreciate that ecommerce marketing can be tricky and we recognise the unique landscape online retail stores now operate within. While our core SEO principles remain consistent, our approach to ecommerce is tailor-made. Navigating the nuances of popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, our seasoned team brings years of specialised experience to tackle ecommerce-specific SEO challenges. We ensure your online store benefits from the latest and most effective strategies in the sector.

When it comes to keyword research — we zero in on terms with buying intent, leveraging insights from popular tools such as SEMrush, or even your own Google Ads search history to help guide our SEO strategies. This insight informs a content strategy that balances commercial and informational topics, designed not only to boost brand and product awareness but also to engage potential customers at every stage of their decision-making process. From optimising product URL structures and addressing duplicate content issues to implementing e-commerce specific schema markup, we cover all bases.

Our Proven ecommerce Process

Trusted ecommerce solutions

Our Ecommerce SEO process begins with understanding your unique market demands, applying our expert strategies to elevate your online visibility and sales.

Keyword research

For our ecommerce clients, keyword research is all about zeroing in on those conversion-driven terms. We'll go the extra mile and delve into platforms like Google Ads to uncover keywords from your search history with buying intent, informed by solid conversion data. This isn't just about getting traffic; it's about getting the right kind of traffic that's ready to convert.

Keyword mapping and site architecture

We don't just find keywords; we map them meticulously to where they'll perform best. Whether it's product categories, collections, informative blog posts, or products, all are based on real-time search engine data. This ensures that whether a customer is looking to learn about a product or is ready to buy, they land on the perfect page.

Content development

Content for ecommerce stretches beyond product descriptions and category page content; it also includes creating compelling informational based content that fits snugly within your SEO strategy. We craft each piece with E-E-A-T in mind, ensuring it not only informs but also converts, maintaining the delicate balance between commercial and informative.

Technical audit

Ecommerce sites, often larger and more complex, more commonly face technical issues like broken links or duplicate content. Our exhaustive technical audits spotlight these issues, and we resolve them routinely throughout the duration of your campaign.

Link building

Building links for ecommerce sites is tricky but full of unique opportunities, from leveraging relationships with the brands you stock to collaborating with suppliers. Our approach is thorough and creative, seeking out every possible avenue to enhance your site’s authority and backlink profile.

Ongoing maintenance and Improvement

The digital landscape is always shifting, especially for online retailers. We keep a close eye on your site's performance and health, adapting strategies as needed to navigate any new SEO challenges. Continuous monitoring means we can swiftly address issues and capitalise on opportunities, keeping your store at the forefront of search results.

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Consider us not just a service but an extension of your team, like gaining a dedicated digital marketing arm with a shared ambition for your growth. At nimbl, we’re all about diving deep into the ever-changing world of SEO, ensuring you’re armed with the most effective strategies out there.

As a Melbourne-based boutique team, we work passionately with businesses locally, across Australia, and abroad. Forget about dealing with distant account managers or navigating offshore confusion; with us, you get direct access to our team of seasoned specialists. No jargon, no runaround – just straight talk and clear strategies that work.

We're in it for the long haul. As a boutique agency, we prioritise having a smaller selection of clients who we can build long term growth and relationships with.

You're not just another client to us; you're a partner we will do everything in our power to help you succeed.

We're continually fine-tuning our service delivery to keep pace with Google's constant updates, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

With our no-nonsense approach, you’ll always understand what we're doing for you and why.

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