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When it comes to website migration, you want peace of mind in knowing that you won’t lose any vital data, content, rankings and above all, customers! Significant changes to your website require professionals who can ensure things happen smoothly, with no negative impact on your current rankings or traffic.

nimbl website migration services can assist with the migration of your website to WordPress or another new host with little requirement from you and minimum impact on your online rankings.

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The complexeties of website migration.

When managing website changeovers and migrations, you’ll want to leave the task to a website development professional who can manage the entire process for you. Whether it is a small business site or large e-commerce set-up with loads of pages, it is not worth the risk of damaging content, data, or rankings to attempt a DIY solution.

There are plenty of situations that put your most considerable online asset at risk, including;
1. The changing of servers or domain names
2. Moving hosting provider
3. Altering page file names and URLs
4. The switch from HTTP to HTTPS
5. A new content management system
6. Migration to WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more

Various platforms have unique challenges that are best left to an expert to handle to ensure a clean and smooth change.

Let’s be honest – most designers don’t have a clue when it comes to the technical side of Google and SEO. That’s why we are here.
Our team can be the middleman between you, your designers, and Google. Let us ensure your new website is not just built to look good, but is built to be found online.
Salvage your hard-earned rankings and organic search traffic by mitigating the risk of launching your new website.
We also offer post-migration recovery. Seen a drop in performance since your launch? Talk to us about diagnosing the problems, and righting the wrongs.

We specialise in launching websites with a bang. Before you think about hitting the button to go live, speak to us to make sure you’re not at risk.


Thomas Jewellers

The Brief: Thomas Jewellers redesigned a new online store and launched this with expectations of traffic and sales growth. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case due to a lack of focus and direction on search engine performance. With existing online revenues taking a sharp dive, the team engaged nimbl to conduct a review of what had occurred, and implement a plan to recover (and grow) their lost online revenue.

The Solution: Immediately, nimbl performed a post-migration audit and review of the impact of the website launch. The team identified many issues leading to a 40% drop in revenue over the month’s after launch. As part of a wider SEO strategy, nimbl put a strategy in action to quickly recover revenue back to their baseline within 2 months.

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nimbl have the experts.

Our in-house professionals can not only save you time, but ensure that any changes are completed properly and safely giving you peace of mind that your data, content, and rankings are secure. The nimbl specialists are well-versed in the website transfer process and have completed seamless migrations for a range of businesses of varying sizes. We also complete a review of your site to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.

nimbl take a very personalised approach in what we do, and to help achieve this, we always give you complete access to the skilled technicians working on your site with no one in the middle. We work to understand your business and situation so that we can provide a customised solution tailored to your needs. We’ve found this to be the most efficient way to deliver the high-quality work we are known for.

We can also provide advice on the best hosting platforms or website set-up strategies if you are a little lost in the best way to move forward for your business. We are all about improvement and growth, and by making us a part of your team, we’ll work hard to ensure you achieve both.

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When it comes to the online assets you have spent time and money curating, you don’t want to put them at risk of declining in performance or even worse, disappearing completely. Let nimbl ensure that significant changes are handled safely while identifying possible improvements that could significantly benefit your business.

Speak to us now about the best way to handle these changes and ensure they are done right from the word go. With nimbl in your corner, you can rest easy knowing you are on the best path forward.