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Unfortunately for many businesses, they think they can chuck up a website, and some online ads and they are sorted. The internet, in reality, doesn’t work that way. It is continuously changing, evolving, and demanding more from its users if they wish to thrive.

This is why a digital audit is vital to your continued success and growth. This analysis of your business looks at your exposure and performance online to ensure you are operating effectively. If this isn’t the case, you are likely wasting time and money while also losing potential business.

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The advantages of a Digital Audit for your business?

The nimbl digital audit encompasses a range of factors, including:

Review of market volume
Current & relevant trends
Your competiton
Potential opportunity
Technical limitations
…plus loads more

This does not only apply to the online assets like your website but also your digital marketing campaigns. There can be a continual examination during a campaign to determine effectiveness per strategy. Take, for example, your mobile experience. Does it give mobile users what they need? An audit ensures that your digital marketing strategy and your business strategy align.

A comprehensive review of your business’s performance in the digital world. We leave no stone unturned.
We look at everything such as technical issues, indexation problems, link profile health, content opportunities, and much more.
As a result of our audit, we provide a detailed action plan with easy-to-understand initiatives tagged by priority. Is there a quick action that can unlock serious missed opportunity? We’ll let you know!
Post-audit, we can present our findings to your team for them to action. Alternatively, nimbl can assist in the implementation of our findings to see the real benefits.

Our Digital Audits are unique to each business we work with. Speak to the team at nimbl today to see how a comprehensive audit may unlock missed opportunities for you.

Read our Digital Audit Case Studies.

Sneaker Freaker
Couriers Please
Thomas Jewellers
Bumps Ski & Snowsports


Store DJ.

The Brief: StoreDJ is a leading retailer of specialist audio and lighting technology for DJs, musicians, events and more. A major source of revenue was Organic Search on Google. With a dedicated in-house team, StoreDJ had a long-term SEO strategy in place with good results. The team at StoreDJ engaged nimbl to conduct a full audit of their digital marketing performance, and devise an actionable plan for their in-house team to execute.

The Solution:nimbl conducted a thorough analysis of StoreDJ’s entire digital marketing performance. With a key focus on factors impacting upon search performance, we delivered a comprehensive audit and action plan which provided their in-house team with easy-to-implement tasks – all prioritised in terms of impact and importance.

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Our team assesses your consumer profiles, products, operational structure, and all the other relevant elements of your web strategy to ensure they are entirely effective. The digital audit works for new business, or a refresh of the old to health check your current performance. The nimbl Melbourne-based team are experts at data analysis, current trends, and online necessities, and above all, your business.

We work closely with you to understand your customers and brand so we can tailor our strategies to suit your needs and goals. This is crucial as many other digital marketers apply the same rules and processes regardless of the company they are working with. We don’t see how this can be effective and place a significant importance on customisable strategies that have been simplified, so you not precisely what we are doing and how.

You also deal directly with our talented team. We don’t even employ account managers; it’s us and you, simple as that.

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Our Melbourne-based team works with business both local and across Australia – and even abroad!

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We know that you know how important your online presence is. It’s the biggest marketplace in the world, and you want to thrive in it. We can help.

If you are worried that your current website or marketing strategy isn’t working as well as it could, let us know, and we’ll give you a definitive answer. An ineffective online asset is pointless; we don’t want you to waste time or money on digital advertising or content if it isn’t offering a return.

Not only can we run a digital audit, but we can also offer the services necessary to ensure total online efficiency. We are the one-stop digital marketing shop, so let’s have a chat today and bring your digital strategy up to scratch, positioning you for ultimate online domination. Together, we can help your products and business be found easily online and continually grow.