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Targeted Remarketing Campaigns.

The internet can be pretty clever. There are loads of tools and tricks that can be of great assistance to the marketing strategy of a business, and remarketing is one of them.

Basically, remarketing targets people who have visited your website with ads when they are elsewhere on the internet. Ever noticed Facebook ads that are strangely relevant to other things you have done online? That’s remarketing at work.

Remarketing is a very cost-effective form of advertising that not only helps with sales but also increases brand awareness, but you need to know how best to set-it-up and manage it, and that’s where nimbl can help.

Another advantage to remarketing is the tailored criteria available for the actual targeting of people. You can break it down by age, gender, and location, even browsing interests! This means we can spend time and marketing budget, reaching the people who are most likely to want your business. It’s efficient, maximises the potential returns and is easily adaptable if situations alter in any way.

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Why Remarketing needs to be part of your marketing strategy.

Remarketing is the digital way of targeting the low-hanging fruit. You are approaching people who have already shown an interest in your products or services.

The primary goal of remarketing is taking casual visitors and converting them into paying customers by placing your business in front of them when they are ready to make a purchase. This, along with the fact that it is a very cost-effective marketing strategy, is why remarketing is well-suited to businesses of all sizes.

You also have the option of customising the message in your ads so people who may have left your sales journey when in the shopping cart can receive a different message to a casual visitor to your home page.

Basically, this strategy looks to encourage people back to your website, and as they have shown some interest in your business, it is very effective.

Stay top-of-mind to already-qualified potential customers and drive them back to your business.
Highly cost-effective with most campaigns funded at a cost-per-click. This is like placing a billboard in front of people who have already heard about you, but not paying a cent until they are ready to find out more!
Our focus on segmentation gets results. We re-engage your prospective customers with messaging that is relevant to their needs.
Have an online store? Ask us about the potential of Dynamic Remarketing. We can advertise the exact product your past visitors have shown interest in, plus others just like it.

These are just some of the potential benefits of Remarketing and yes, there’s loads more. Ask us how this can work for your business today.


Jellis Craig.

The Brief:  Having evolved into one of Melbourne’s leading real estate networks since 1991, Jellis Craig sell approximately 4,500 homes a year across the state. With several of their 24 offices situated in the highly sought after inner-north, the team at Jellis Craig faced the challenge of securing more vendors from an increasingly competitive market.

The Solution: The team at nimbl worked with Jellis Craig on leveraging their already-strong brand presence in Melbourne to capture more sellers. Executing a segmented Remarketing campaign, nimbl was able to nurture prospective sellers and encourage action to take up a free appraisal. We delivered increased exposure online to qualified users, reaching them across their online journey – including targeted advertisements on influential websites such as and

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How nimbl canbsp;help you with Remarketing.

The hand-picked local Melbourne nimbl team are digital marketing experts who understand the most effective ways to remarket. Simply setting up a remarketing campaign is not enough, you need to consider the types of customers you are targeting and at which stages of the sales funnel you are placing your ads.

This can be a lot of work, and few businesses have the knowledge and expertise to implement this correctly, which is why they turn to us.

nimbl are an add-on digital marketing department for your business. We become a part of your team, understand your company and your customers, then execute the right plans to help your business grow. Plus, we always act with long-term goals in mind. We want to help your business grow for many years to come and form lasting relationships with our clients to ensure this happens.

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Bring people back to your business today.

In today’s online marketplace, there is a lot of competition, and it can be hard work to get people looking at your business in the first place. Don’t let this achievement go to waste by losing them shortly after, let remarketing be the nudge they need to follow through with a sale and turn your marketing spend into new business.

Speak to nimbl about a remarketing strategy for your business today and let’s increase that customer list significantly!