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In these times where the classic phone book serves as little more than a door stop, think of all the times you have used Google to find something you want. Whether it is a local restaurant, a business, or just an answer to your question. There are lots of searches every day for the product or service that your business offers, and you may be thinking – “I want to reach those people right now!”

Well with Google Ads, that can become a reality. A Google Ads campaign is a great way to increase traffic to your website and make sales fast – but it has to be a carefully targeted campaign that only spends your marketing dollars on clicks that have the potential to turn into paying customers. An Ads campaign that isn’t working can be a quick way to waste time and burn money.

However, don’t fear. nimbl offer the management of a tailored Google Ads campaign that will provide fast exposure on relevant searches for your specific business. Our skilled team has in-depth knowledge of the tactics and strategies which can help find high-quality clicks that actually lead to conversions.

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We’re a Google Partner Agency.

The nimbl team undergoes Academy for Ads certification to ensure we are at the forefront of best-practice. Google recognises agencies which meet the highest standards as Partners, which nimbl is proud to be.

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Why invest in PPC Advertising?

If you were to reach anyone with your marketing dollars, would you rather cast your net wide in the hope of catching a few bites, or position your offer directly in front of hot prospects who are actively looking for businesses like yours? Well that’s what Google Ads can offer you!

We like to think of it as a way to make your marketing budget work smarter, not harder. Why pay to put your message on a billboard for everyone to see, when you can place it directly in front of the people who are actually wanting to see it? Best of all, you only pay once a qualified user actually clicks on your ad – not just looks at it.

Beyond just ads in Google’s search results, PPC Advertising can offer businesses so much more;

Shopping Ads
Dynamic Ads
Local Targeting
Shopping Ads
Shopping Ads

Successful PPC campaigns bring in a higher number of qualified clicks and more traffic with greater conversion rates. It’s a cost-effective way to market your products, and best of all, it’s scaleable.

There are numerous reasons why businesses might choose to use PPC advertising;

It’s FAST! Where Google’s organic search results are made up of businesses which have vested time, effort and money into Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising offers you the potential of being visible in these exact search results right now for a small cost-per-click.
Your marketing dollars can be spent in the absolute best possible way with the ability to target the specific locations your business services, on the days that you need leads. We can serve ads specifically at the optimal time of day, or reach the customer demographics that are most important to you.
We can track how your customers are reaching you and target the exact searches which are proven to drive you profit. Unlike other forms of marketing, the transparent and measurable results make Google Ads very easy to see your return on investment.
Google Ads is dynamic and highly-flexible to your business goals. Need to sell more of one particular product? We can promote it! Have an upcoming special offer? We can get it out to your customers quickly.
We can manage your SEM campaigns to a capped monthly budget. This means no nasty surprises or unknown costs. We work with you to find the most effective budget for your goals, that will deliver a return on your investment.

To discover these benefits for yourself, get in touch with the nimbl team who can discuss your PPC needs with you.

Read some of our PPC Case Studies.


The Brief: Razor is a name most Australians would recognise, with their iconic Kick Scooters being a staple in many childhoods. In the lead-up to Christmas 2017, the team at Razor engaged nimbl to help execute a direct response campaign via SEM to drive sales over Christmas.

The Solution: nimbl executed a highly-effective campaign utilising both Google Search Advertisements, including Google Shopping Ads, to drive sales. Despite lots of competition from traditional and niche online retailers, we were able to drive high volumes of traffic which converted into sales at a profitable marketing cost over the course of the vital Christmas retail period

PPC Marketing the nimbl way.

Ads campaigns are not set and forget. In fact, that is a surefire way to ensure they will be a waste of time and money. PPC requires constant attention and optimisation, which is why using nimbl as your add-on digital marketing team is a smart move.

Not only will we save you the time required to run your campaigns properly, but we also bring with us the specialised knowledge of how to run them effectively. Our local Melbourne team is full of experts who concern themselves with successful digital marketing every day, keeping across all of the developments and changes, so you don’t have to.

We focus on ensuring your ads cut-through the competition – helping you win market share and take those lucrative new clients from your competitors. We will help you get the best bang for your buck, with our sole focus being to generate the most amount of sales or leads for your budget.

We can also offer integrated Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies which work to convert more of your valuable clicks into new customers – improving your ROI even further!

Oh, and we’re also honoured to be recognised as a Premier Partner of Google. This official certification is only given to the agencies which meet the highest level of knowledge, client performance, and are entrusted by their clients to manage a high-level of advertising spend.

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Google Ads can be a powerful marketing tool that is great value for money if you run it properly, and that is what nimbl are here to do. We take pride in a complete understanding of our clients and their business to provide the best results.

Our tailored strategies will not only help you get the most out of your marketing dollars, we will also ensure your business grows. Speak to us today about saving you time and money by handling your PPC management so you can focus on providing the service you are known for when the orders start rolling in!