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By now, you may understand that digital marketing is crucial for the online presence of your business and the driving of qualified traffic to your site. However, when it comes to ecommerce, your online strategy requires more precise targeting and specialisation to ensure you are aiming at the customers who are actively searching for the items you provide.

Ecommerce marketing can be tricky, especially when you need to consider things like the best keyword integration strategy, and how to preserve your rankings by avoiding duplicate content on multiple products. All of this can cause a real headache for retail businesses; you can consider nimbl your pain relief.

nimbl can help with precisely that. We work with your business to understand the specific clientele for which putting your products in front of will create the most sales; then we go for them!

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So… why Digital Marketing for Retailers & Ecommerce Stores?

As of February 2019, just over 80 percent of Australians are shopping online. If you are a retail business, ignoring the online shopfront is like pushing willing customers out of your store!

It is one thing to have an online store; however, the next hurdle is making sure people find it over the thousands of others that are occupying the same space. This is where a tailored Ecommerce marketing strategy from nimbl comes in.

We work closely with you to create a sales-focused campaign to ensure you have the best SEO for your online store. We guarantee your digital retail space is targeted and user-friendly with the primary goal of quality conversions.

Target ready-to-buy prospects searching for your exact products and brands using targeted Search Ads via Google Ads.
Maximise your online market share and sales potential through comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation strategies which actually focus on qualified buyers.
Convert more users into sales with proven Conversion Rate Optimisation tactics to maximise your ROI.
Re-engage lost sales and abandoned shopping carts using highly-effective Remarketing strategies.
Drive sales using Google Shopping Ads to advertising your products directly in the search results.
Help your customers find the products they are interested in via Dynamic Product Advertising and Remarketing.
Maximise product awareness and sales opportunities with Display Network Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

Some of our Ecommerce Case Studies.

Store DJ
Sneaker Freaker
Diamond Exchange
Thomas Jewellers



The Brief: Razor is a name most Australians would recognise, with their iconic Kick Scooters being a staple in many childhoods. In the lead-up to Christmas 2017, the team at Razor engaged nimbl to help execute a direct response campaign to sell the new Hovertrax 2.0 online.

The Solution: nimbl executed a highly-effective campaign utilising both Google Search Advertisements, including Google Shopping Ads, along with a targeted Remarketing campaign to drive sales. This resulted in a significant return on investment.

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How nimbl wears out the hinges of your digital store.

nimbl is a boutique, Melbourne-based agency that features a team of experts who specialise in online visibility. We create personalised strategies for our clients tailored to specific business goals.

By working with us, you have a dedicated digital team attached to your business, adding multiple years of hands-on experience to ensure that your digital presence is best-positioned for success.

You’ll deal directly with the people who have the knowledge and skills. Our team is always on-hand to keep you updated on various strategies and progress without needing to deal with an account manager or sift through the jargon that you don’t understand. We’re here, we’re accountable, and we believe that your success is also ours, so we are heavily invested in ensuring it.

Ecommerce SEO, advertising, and marketing is not one size fits all, and that is why we offer unique strategies for your specific business and clientele. This makes nimbl the perfect fit for your company.

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Our Melbourne-based team works with business both local and across Australia – and even abroad!

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One size does not fit all. We tailor digital marketing strategies based on your own goals and challenges.

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With decades of industry experience, our opinions have been featured in AFR, The Age, and more.

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We’re excited to speak to you about the various ways we can help increase your online sales and presence. Speak to us today about a free web analysis so we can get an initial understanding of your current state, and start to look at ways to improve it.

We place significant importance on long-term relationships with our clients as we know that digital marketing is continually evolving, and businesses need to adapt, or they will disappear – literally! nimbl are on-board to ensure this doesn’t happen, providing scalable strategies that grow with your company and guarantee that the only way forward is up.

Don’t let your stall be lost in the vast online marketplace, get ahead of your competition, and reach the people who are searching for your products right now with nimbl. We look forward to helping you empty out the store!