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We don’t even remember how people purchased property before the internet? We assume they just drove around looking for ‘For Sale’ signs or something? The point is, the internet is the go-to spot for people who are looking to buy property, which is why quality digital property marketing is crucial.

An easy to navigate website, an effective online presence, lures to drive organic traffic to your site, all of these are must-haves in the world of online property sales. Your digital marketing strategy can be the make or break as to whether or not your property sells, or sits dormant for months on end.

nimbl work with your business to do whatever necessary to create the most sales, or find new sellers, tenants, investors – whoever you are trying to reach! We exist to give businesses the necessary visibility they need online to be successful and grow. We can assist with web design and development, search engine rankings, lead generation, digital marketing strategies, and plenty more.

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Successful property sales in the digital marketplace.

As we all know, people who are looking to purchase property head online. This is good because it offers plenty of potential buyers; the downside is that it also creates some hefty competition. Being seen is half the battle.

We’re not even going to entertain the idea of your real estate or property-based business not having an online presence – that’s pure lunacy. So let’s assume you are online in some way, how do you show people the properties you have on offer over all of the competition? The answer is a tailored digital marketing strategy from nimbl that targets the users who are likely already looking for what you have to offer.

By working closely with you, our very experienced local Melbourne teams will create a sales-focused campaign that ensures your property listings stand out and are best-positioned for sale.

We are experts in local marketing, something vitally important as location is one of the main drivers when purchasing a property. nimbl can also help with mobile searches, which have become most prominent form of online browsing, especially when it comes to property.

Utilise search strategies to reach potential buyers or sellers searching in your local area.
With targeted Google Ads campaigns, promote premium listings for your vendors or reach ready-to-buy prospects – fast!
Convert more clicks into buyers with proven Conversion Rate Optimisation and landing page solutions.
Nurture leads through targeted Remarketing strategies across both Google’s Display Network and Social Media.
Advertise to qualified local prospects on prominent websites such as and using Google’s Display Network.

Read some of our Property Case Studies.

Jellis Craig
River Edge


Harvest Rise

The Brief: With 448 lots on 32 hectares of beautiful countryside, an effective marketing strategy was vital for Harvest Rise to support the project over the course of its long-term land releases to ensure success. Developers Intrapac Property engaged nimbl to deliver qualified sales leads to their team.

The Solution: nimbl were tasked with activating a targeted advertising campaign – with a core focus on driving immediate qualified prospects via Google’s search network. With short-term success of the campaign, we looked at ways we can improve results even further. Market segmentation initiatives saw fantastic improvements to both conversions and engagement.

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Why are nimbl so good at all of this?

nimbl are a proudly Melbourne-based agency who offer the talent that makes up our team directly to our clients. We place great importance in the relationships we have with our various businesses and ensure that our experts are on-hand for them, whenever necessary. Online visibility via personalised strategies are our forte, and we share your business goals.

The addition of the nimbl team to your business means you now have a dedicated digital team purely focussed on ensuring that your online presence is at the most optimal level possible. In the world of hefty online competition, it can be the difference between success and failure.

The knowledge and skills our team has are yours whenever you need it, you’ll speak directly to the team who are working on your strategy, and we will be open and honest with you about every element, each step of the way. We work to make the complicated world of SEO, PPC, and all-round online marketing simple for our clients and ensure that the unique strategies we create are constantly adapted for continued success.

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Our Melbourne-based team works with business both local and across Australia – and even abroad!

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