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B2B marketing has a primary goal of lead generation, but it is essential to understand how B2B customers need to be handled differently.

They need to understand the range of features, benefits, and outcomes of the products and services they are considering, and purchasing decisions are often far more complicated in a longer sales funnel.

B2B often involves multiple decision-makers and stakeholders, so it is vital for B2B digital marketing agency to involve content marketing development, analysis of both clients and the market, lead generation and nurturing, and more.

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So… why Digital Marketing for B2B Businesses?

The internet is the world’s largest marketplace; it also lends itself to the effective curation of a lifecycle marketing strategy. nimbl can help ensure that your digital marketing strategy suits everyone from potential buyers to existing clients post-sale.

The right digital strategy will successfully move potential customers along your sales funnel using conversation strategies to ensure an efficient sales pipeline. Your digital assets should help you to find new customers, interest them in your products, and convert them into sales while communicating with them post-sale to help spread positive word-of-mouth.

Target decision-makers who are ready to do business with you.
Reach qualified prospects searching specifically for your products and services.
Give your business an online presence which reflects your brand and quality of service with a custom-designed website which is built to generate you more leads.
Utilise Social Media Advertising – particularly across LinkedIn – to reach your ideal target market.
Re-engage unconverted prospects with case studies and reasons why they should do business with you via targeted Remarketing campaigns.
Protect your business from potential bad publicity and promote the positive with Reputation Management.
Increase your brand awareness to users who are currently in the market for your services using targeted Display Network Advertising.



The Brief: Hurst engaged nimbl to help execute a highly-targeted online B2B marketing strategy. Our goal was to generate new business opportunities from several defined customer segments, and do so at a cost-effective rate within a competitive online market.

The Solution: nimbl executed a digital marketing strategy which delivered fast and measurable results via a combination of PPC initiatives – utilising Google Search Advertising, Display Network Advertising, and Remarketing – and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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Not only do most businesses simply not have the time to plan and execute a successful B2B digital marketing strategy, but they also don’t know how. And why should they? They are already busy being experts in their chosen field. Which is why they come to nimbl, the experts in the digital marketing field.

Our team has years of experience across a range of digital marketing requirements and are all based in Melbourne, offering easy access for every business we work with. This is important, as building long-standing relationships with our clients during which we really get to know their business, is one of the most critical elements in our process.

nimbl understand that you are bringing us on board to simplify the complexity of digital marketing, and that’s exactly what we do. Our team will cut through the clutter and jargon to offer you quick answers and easy-to-follow strategies with the goal of building your business and increasing your sales. Consider us an extension of your team that is well-equipped for navigating the tricky waters of the online marketplace. With us in your corner, you will be found online with ease.

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