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It is a great time for bricks-and-mortar businesses who wish to appeal to a target market within their area, to start using the range of online tools available to them. Why? Well, mobile phones and the ever-increasing local focus of search engines is one reason.

According to the latest Google Consumer Barometer Survey, around 40 percent of millennials research their potential purchases on smartphones. The power of Google Maps ‘nearby’ feature cannot be ignored. It has never been easier to target potential customers in your area, which is excellent news for local businesses. However, you need to know how best to do this…

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Locals only.

While targeting is very handy, you need to keep in mind that your competition may not just be the businesses in your area, it’s the whole internet. Retail numbers have dropped significantly with more and more people shopping online, so finding and targeting potential customers is one thing, but convincing them to buy from you is another.

To do this, you need a strong online presence that moves past targeted ads to locational demographics. You need a fantastic website (because plenty of people research online before they buy), you need great content which shows why you are an authority in your field, and you need to be contactable.

Luckily, there are plenty of digital tools that offer low-cost ways of doing all of this. From simple-to-use web design to social media management, and of course, a paid targeted ad campaign. It’s never been easier to target high-quality potential customers in your local area digitally.

Smash your local competitors by getting your business in front of qualified potential customers looking for you.
Establish your local business online with affordable and professional Website Design solutions.
Advertise to users who are nearby your place of business and encourage them to come to you with multi-device experiences.
Maximise your online market share with a tailored local SEO strategy.
Build a local community on Social Media with engaging content campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and more.
Turn more faceless and nameless website visitors into loyal local customers with Conversion Rate Optimisation.


Grand Wash Auto.

The Brief: Grand Wash Auto is a family-owned car wash with a commitment to top quality service, convenience, consistency, and exceptional value drawing customers from all over town to their location. The team engaged nimbl to help maximise the number of people coming to their local car wash on a daily basis.

The Solution: nimbl executed a targeted search marketing campaign to increase their local footprint online. nimbl found that a majority of users are on their mobile device when looking for a car wash, so they came up with an offer on the site which incentivised users to give them their mobile number to grow leads.

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By adding us to your team, your digital needs will be handled by an easily accessible group who can save you time while working hard to increase your sales, regular customers, and business size. With nimbl on board, you can rest easy knowing that you are taking advantage of the large pool of potential customers who are likely already searching for the things you offer.

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