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It’s well-known that there is a somewhat rigid nature to the processes and structure of the finance and insurance industries. New ideas aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms, which is why the digital world, specifically when discussing marketing, has seen a slow start in these sectors.

Over the past five years however, the finance and insurance industries have ramped up their use of the digital marketing landscape, creating an increasingly competitive playing field and setting new customer expectations in regards to service levels and information, to the point where a business in the industry can no longer ignore the online space.

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So… why Digital Marketing for the Insurers & Financial Firms?

Digital marketing provides financial institutions and insurance agencies with a new understanding of the market. It has not only changed consumer behaviour but has also created new products and services. Never before has the finance world seen such a significant digital presence thanks to tools like social media, which has been driven by customer preference.

There is an opportunity to receive significant data to understand which products and services are popular while offering a more targeted approach towards providing customised solutions for the changing needs of the consumer.

The digital space also makes it easy to identify your market, gain insights, and connect with people who are actively searching for what you are offering. Never before has this level of consumer support been possible, or the opportunity for brand awareness through content marketing been so easy.

The future of these sectors is digital, and the current climate is already well-absorbed into this space. You simply cannot ignore the importance of a high-quality digital presence and marketing strategy any longer.

Target qualified prospects ready to talk finance with proven lead generation strategies.
Reach users before they even show intent with advanced customer targeting based on predictive behaviour.
Stay top-of-mind and convert those researching into paying clients with engaging Remarketing strategies.
Access qualified users fast with highly-targeted Search Engine Advertising campaigns.
Turn more of your clicks into committed prospects with proven Conversion Rate Optimisation initiatives.
Maximise your online market share and ROI with a tailored Search Engine Optimisation strategy.
Convert more of your website visitors into real visitors through tailored Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies.
Ensure your firm’s online profile is protected and speaks positively about you via Reputation Management.



The Brief: Petinsurance.com.au is the sole consumer pet insurance brand for PetSure – the name that underwrites 90% of Australia pet insurers. Petinsurance.com.au was newly-launched, and introduced exclusive policies to the market – including cover for puppies, as well as indoor cats. nimbl was approached to help increase the awareness of Petinsurance.com.au in an already-crowded industry, and generate new quote requests for new policies.

The Solution: nimbl devised a multi-channel digital solution which included Search Engine Optimisation, Google Search Ads, Display Network Advertising and Remarketing. As a new entity with zero brand recognition or awareness, nimbl was able to quickly drive new qualified prospects to the site, and increase the volume of quotes significantly.

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As we’ve mentioned, digital marketing in the insurance and financial sectors can no longer be ignored. We keep saying this because it is a vital point! The competitive landscape makes the loss of customers to better offers far too easy. Customer retention and relationship is paramount, and the nimbl digital marketing strategy can help achieve this.

Our local team of experts here in Melbourne can handle everything from web design to paid advertising. We can set-up all that you need to not only obtain new customers but provide a high level of service to your existing ones. We work closely with our clients to understand their business processes and design unique strategies that complement them.

We’re on-hand and accountable, putting a significant amount of effort into fostering a long-term relationship with you to ensure your business goals are continually being achieved as you grow. Most of all, we make it simple. We provide you what you need to know in an easy-to-understand and direct manner, saving you time.

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The digital space can be daunting, which is why nimbl, an add-on digital marketing agency for your business, is here to help guide the way. We understand the ways in which financial institutions can benefit from the online marketplace; the next step is customising them to your business. Let’s get started today.