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SEO for Content Publishers & Blogs.

The content and publishing industry is currently faced with a huge opportunity to utilise digital marketing and online channels to engage active readers who will keep coming back to see what you have to say. The question is, will you take advantage of it?

A solid digital marketing strategy begins with understanding your readers, their demographics, browsing habits, and the type of content they consume. Knowing and targeting all of this gives you an edge that your competitors may not have, positioning your content and publishing business for exponential growth.

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So… why Digital Marketing for Content Websites?

Content and publishing companies often benefit from a strong subscriber count, thus require a management system that suits both potential subscribers for outreach campaigns and existing subscribers who will receive regular content, promotions, and more.

The digital space makes it simple to use this data to design customer journeys to lead people down the path of becoming a paid subscriber. By obtaining a deeper understanding of potential readers and current subscribers, you can tailor your output to the tastes of your digital audience. This can be done via blogs, special reports, subscription promotions, a magazine app, and more.

The key is to provide value, and there are countless, cost-effective ways to achieve this with a variety of online tools.

Drive new readers to your website who are going to stay on-site and keep coming back to consume your content.
Maximise your website’s performance with a comprehensive Digital Audit designed to increase performance and readability of your content.
Improve monetisation of your website and its content by accessing new loyal readers.
Share your content across multiple channels with Social Media Marketing campaigns, Link Strategy, and more.
Create awareness of your great content with targeted Display Network Ads.



The Brief: Sneaker Freaker is the first and only international footwear magazine, producing content on all the latest sneakers and street culture to their millions of monthly visitors and over 3 million social media followers. Despite reaching millions of monthly readers, they knew many issues existed that were hindering their performance – of which their team just didn’t possess the knowledge on how to tackle these.

The Solution: Sneaker Freaker engaged nimbl to conduct a comprehensive audit of their digital marketing performance, which included effectiveness of their content, SEO performance, conversion opportunities and a detailed technical analysis.

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A well-executed digital strategy involves a number of elements working cohesively towards your primary business goals. nimbl is a small team of handpicked experts in all the necessary fields to make this happen. Based in Melbourne, we work closely with your business to help you identify the right people for your content, and get it to them, growing your subscription base in the process.

Our goal is to simplify the tricky waters of the digital space. You can consider us the digital marketing department for your business, and you can rest easy knowing the strategies we create are tailored to suit you. This means you are making the most out of the internet and its users. Ignoring this giant marketplace is simply no longer an option; we can help you thrive in it.

We work to develop long-standing relationships with our clients so we can easily change and alter their marketing strategies as the business goals shift. The result is a constant, modern marketing process that keeps abreast of trends while helping you pave a unique path away from your competition.

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