Social Media Management & Marketing.

One of the most common requests we receive here at nimbl is in regards to social media management and marketing. Why? Because businesses are really starting to realise not only its importance but also its power.

Yep, that’s right; social media is more than just food pics and memes. Crazy hey?

Social media marketing is a vital way to communicate with, and reach, existing or potential customers. The customers are already on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which makes marketing to them in this arena an effective way to increase leads and sales.

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Your business and social media marketing.

Social media marketing is yet another digital marketing avenue that is content-based. The creation and sharing of quality content ties into your marketing and branding strategy to increase audience engagement, and can be both organic (free) or paid.

In a way, your social media channels are lures, to try and entice people back to your website or specific landing pages so they will delve deeper into your products and services, ending in a sale. A quality social media marketing strategy will align with your business’s goals while aiming your content directly at your target audience.

Thinking of lead generation? We manage highly-targeted advertising campaigns across social channels to create new business opportunities.

Need to talk to your fans, or find new ones? We can plan an engaging content plan to appeal to each of your customer personas.

We work across the major social channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Need something more advanced? We can help with everything from Live Chat integrations, to SMS marketing, and even Push Notification strategies.

Thinking social? Well get social, and talk to us today about how we can help leverage social media for your business growth.



The Brief: The Australian College of Fitness and Bodywork (ACFB) is an award-winning college and provider of industry-leading courses in massage and personal training. ACFB engaged nimbl to assist them with growing their course enquiries across their major focus areas in massage and personal training.

The Solution: Once nimbl was reaching the entire Victorian search market, the client still wanted to generate more enquiries. nimbl managed a range of social media advertising campaigns on Facebook and Facebook Messenger which continued to drive more leads within their target CPA.

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Ready to go to the next level?

At nimbl, we’re more than food pics and memes.

We spend A LOT of time on social media but trust us; it’s for work.

The main reasons why so many people approach us about social media marketing and management are:
1. They don’t understand how to do it effectively
2. They don’t have time

That works for us as it is what we do, so we are well-positioned to help solve both of these issues. Our expert, local Melbourne team, will research and find your target audience, see how they use social media and work with you to determine the message you want to send them. We can help with both organic and paid growth ensuring that your dollars are well spent on the latter. There is no point in marketing to people who aren’t interested, especially when social media offers so many tools to target the ones that are.

With nimbl, your social media woes are sorted. Our team is on-hand to work directly with you to ensure that everything we put out on your channels is on brand, conveys your business personality, and shines the best light possible on your products and services. We work with you, long-term, to ensure continued success and growth for your company.

Melbourne Owned & Operated

Our Melbourne-based team works with business both local and across Australia – and even abroad!

Tailored Digital Solutions

One size does not fit all. We tailor digital marketing strategies based on your own goals and challenges.

Trusted Industry Experts

With decades of industry experience, our opinions have been featured in AFR, The Age, and more.

Embrace the social side of digital marketing today!

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the world of social media for your business; we can help. Let’s have a chat today about your current situation, and see what ways we can improve it.

We’ll save you the time of worrying about this stuff yourself while also ensuring you are making the most of the digital tools available. Social media can be a powerful tool to increase your customer base, and with our help, you can make sure it does exactly that. We’re excited to get started!

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